11 Ways Wearing Braces Can Help You Find Love

La Grange/Oak Park, IL – Whether you’re a teen or an adult who is about be fitted for braces, you may think that you’ll have to put your love life on hold until your braces are removed.

But that’s not the case at all. In fact, wearing braces can actually help you find “the one”.

Don’t believe it? Here are 11 reasons wearing braces can help you find love.

1. Dedication to Self-Improvement

Wearing braces sends a message to the world that you’re determined to make yourself better. That’s very attractive to a new love interest, and anyone you meet will see you as someone who is constantly striving to become a better you.

2. Smile Transformation

The longer you wear braces, the more improved your smile will become. That means that from the very first day, you’ll be putting on a brand new smile that is sure to catch someone’s eye.

3. Most People Don’t Care

Braces are more common today than they ever have been. Think people are going to pass you by romantically because you’re wearing braces? You might be surprised. The fact is, most people don’t care that you’re wearing them.

In fact…

4. Some People Love Them

That’s right. There are people out there who have an affinity for those who wear braces. You just might meet someone like that, and the rest could be history.

5. Superior Oral Care

Wearing braces requires you to brush after every meal, floss and rinse, so as to keep food out of your brackets and your teeth free from decay. That means that you’ll always have fresh breath, which is ideal when you’re looking for love.

6. You Might Lose Weight

Since you have to brush after every meal, you might find yourself forgoing snacks because eating them is just not worth the trouble. For that reason, you might find yourself feeling a little lighter and looking your very best. What a way to turn heads!

7. You’ll Be More Memorable

A smile is one of the first things people look at when they meet you, and the majority of people say they remember someone by their smile. When you wear braces, your smile becomes more distinct, and you’re sure catch someone’s eye.

8. You’re Months Away from Straight Teeth

Anyone you meet romantically is going to know that you’re just a hop and a skip away from having a totally ravishing smile. That means that if they like you with braces, just wait till they see you without them and with a new set of straight white teeth. They’ll be smitten all over again.

9. You Get to Show Off Your Personal Style

Just as people like to trick out their cars with rims and accessories, you can show off your own personal style with different colored rubber bands. Choose blue if you’re a chill person or stand out with red or orange. Then color your hair to match to show the person you’re interested and that you’re bold and ready to be noticed.

10. Avoid Shallow People

We’ve said that most don’t care that you’re wearing braces and some people actually love them. But what about those people who won’t date you because you do wear braces?
Forget them.

If anything, wearing braces allows you to pinpoint those romantic partners who aren’t right for you. If a person rejects you because of your braces, that person wasn’t right for you to begin with.

11. More Money for Dating

Thanks to advancements in Orthodontics, braces are not only more effective than ever before, but they’re also affordable. That means you’ll have more money in your bank account to take your new love interest out on the town.

Even if the other person is paying, you can use the money you’re saving to upgrade your wardrobe or give yourself an irresistible new makeover.

Now it’s time for you to find love. To learn more about affordable braces, schedule a consultation with Battistoni and Beam Orthodontics and transform your smile today.

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