Just Imagine How Amazing Life Will Be with an Ideal Bite

LaGrange, IL – When new patients visit Battistoni and Beam Orthodontics for their initial consultation, they usually have one thing on their mind: The Ideal Bite.

Getting your bite to optimum conditions is the ultimate goal of any orthodontic treatment, says Dr. Battistoni, serving patients in LaGrange and Oak Park areas

Adds Dr. Beam, “The ideal bite can help you achieve optimum levels of oral function.”

In layman’s terms, this means that with an ideal bite, you will be able to speak more clearly and chew foods more efficiently. Most importantly, the ideal bite can help you look more attractive and years younger.

But what exactly is the ideal bite? Dr. Battistoni and Dr. Beam give their take on how the best orthodontics can drastically improve your life by giving you the ideal bite.

The Ideal Bite vs. a Bite That’s Not Quite Right

Dr. Battistoni and Dr. Beam like to illustrate the ideal bite by contrasting it with a bite that may be a little off by orthodontic standards.

To form an illustration everyone can follow, the doctors ask that you separate your bite into three separate components: The Front View, The Bottom View, and the Side View.

The Front View

The front view of your smile is what people see when you face them and give them one of your most radiant smiles.

“With an ideal bite,” notes Dr. Battistoni, “the upper arch of your teeth will be slightly wider than the lower so that the edges of your upper front teeth lay parallel to the top of your lower lip.”

Dr. Beam adds, “When your bite is closed, you’ll show about two-thirds to a full half of the length of your bottom teeth. The midline of your teeth (the line between the central incisors) will line up perfectly with the middle of your face. The upper midline will line up with the middle of your upper lip, while the lower midline lines up with the top one.”

Front View Bite Problems

According to Dr. Battistoni, a bite that’s not quite right may have upper teeth that are too long, which shows too much of the gum when viewed from the front.

“This is when you get the phenomenon known as the “gummy smile,” says Dr. Beam.

“If the upper teeth are too short, your smile won’t show enough enamel when you smile. This can cause you to look old and toothless, or at least appear older than your actual age,” says Dr. Battistoni.

The doctors point to two of the most common bite problems that can be viewed from the front. If your upper incisors cover too much of the lower teeth, this is known as a “deep bite”.

When the upper teeth don’t overlap at all, it’s called an “open bite”.

If the upper arch is too narrow or wide and the teeth cross over the bottom teeth in either direction, this is known as a “cross bite”.

Bottom View

The second component of your smile can be viewed by opening your mouth in front of a mirror and looking down at your bottom set of teeth.

If you had an ideal bite, says Dr. Battistoni, all of your bottom teeth would be aligned in a consistent flowing curve, much like an arched doorway.

The ideal bite will see all of the teeth touching one another, with no overlaps or noticeable spaces, adds Dr. Beam.

The doctors point out that while it’s more difficult to see your upper arch in a mirror, it will also be aligned in an arch with no spaces or overlaps of any kind.

Side View

When looked at from the side, the ideal bite will see the upper teeth fitting perfectly over the teeth on the bottom, says Dr. Battistoni.

Dr. Beam adds, “The backs of your teeth should rest gently on the front of your lower teeth. This means that your upper teeth will be in front of your lower teeth when your bite is closed.”

Side View Bite Problems

The doctors list two common bite problems that can be viewed from the side. If your upper teeth stick out in front of your lower teeth when your bite is closed, you have what is called an “underbite”.

If your upper teeth stick out too far in front of the other ones so that there is little to no contact, you have what is called an “overbite”.

What Life is Like with an Ideal Bite

Dr. Battistoni and Dr. Beam have seen every type of bite problem in their many years helping patients at Battistoni and Beam Orthodontics.

When a patient has a bite that is off, dental problems can become exacerbated. Crooked teeth can sometimes be difficult to clean between, making the areas between the teeth hotbeds for bacteria and cavities.

Food may not be chewed as efficiently as possible, which can lead to digestive problems, and speech may be affected. You may slur your words, or be unable to produce certain hard consonants.

A bite that’s off can also cause jaw pain, such as with TMJ.

However, many patients who come into Battistoni and Beam are more concerned with their appearance. After all, most people you meet remember you by your smile.

An ideal bite can help you look your best. And the best part, according to the two doctors, is that once the ideal bite is achieved with the best orthodontics, you can carry it with you wherever you go. This can improve your health, help you meet new people, and cause lots of exciting opportunities to come your way.

Let Dr. Battistoni and Dr. Beam evaluate your bite to see what it will take to give you the ideal bite. To schedule a consultation, contact Battistoni and Beam Orthodontics today!

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