Movies That Would Have Failed Without a Few Healthy Smiles

La Grange/Oak Park, IL – When we look up at the silver screen, we are used to seeing beautiful stars and starlets with straight, healthy smiles.

But what if things were different?

We sat down with two of the best Orthodontists in the La Grange and Oak Park areas to discuss this alternate universe while asking the question – What movies would have failed without a few healthy smiles?

“The first movie I think of that would have failed without a few healthy smiles is Pretty Woman,” says Dr. Richard A. Battistoni of Battistoni and Beam Orthodontics in La Grange and Oak Park. “If Julia Roberts had beamed and revealed a crooked smile, it wouldn’t have had the same effect.”

“My go-to movie with the best smile has to be Catherine Zeta Jones from The Mask of Zorro,” says Dr. William R. Beam. “I’d have to add Megan Fox from Transformers, too.”

Drs. Battistoni and Beam pride themselves on the attentiveness and insightfulness of their staff, so they proposed the same question to the individuals they work with. The results represented a potpourri of movie stars and flicks from the past and present.

Selena star Jennifer Lopez was mentioned, as was Kate Hudson from Almost Famous, the now deceased Paul Walker from The Fast and The Furious franchise, Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting and George Clooney from Dusk Till Dawn.

Dr. Beam says, “We also heard mention of Val Kilmer from Top Gun and at least one person mentioned Taylor Lautner from Twilight.”

But if the entire office staff had to mention one celebrity, regardless of the movies she has appeared in, it would be Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Drs. Battistoni and Beam treated the actress, who has acted in such blockbusters as Scarface and The Abyss, to the movie-star smile that can currently be seen on the hit TV show Limitless.

“We’re proud to say that we had a hand in providing such a talented actress with the beautiful smile you see on the screen today,” says Dr. Battistoni.

While the question of movies and how they would have failed without healthy smiles is a lighthearted and whimsical conversation, it does have some basis in reality.

Dr. Battistoni says, “Many movie stars are who they are because of their appearance. Getting braces can give you an attractive smile, which can make you look more attractive, younger, and give you a healthy boost of self-esteem.”

Dr. Beam adds, “Many of those movie stars probably had the gumption to go after their dreams because they saw an Orthodontist early in life.”

The two Orthodontists are not alone in their views. Psychology Today reported that a straight, healthy smile could give an adult a leg up not only professionally, but romantically as well. And the American Association of Orthodontics reinforces the belief that getting fitted for braces can drastically influence an individual’s self-confidence.

Both Drs. Battistoni and Beam agree when they say that “If you look up at the movie screen, and you envy those beautiful movie stars, know that it’s not too late to do something about your smile.”

Using Invisalign or traditional braces, a teenager or adult can have a beautiful, straight and healthy smile in just a few months.

“Who knows,” says Dr. Beam. “They may go on to become a movie star or at least have the renewed confidence to follow their dreams, whatever they may be.”

To learn more about Invisalign, braces, and how Orthodontic treatment can enrich one’s life and self-esteem, visit the website of Battistoni and Beam.

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