Three Unbelievable Orthodontist Success Stories

La Grange, IL – Thinking about straightening your teeth with braces? You’re not alone. More people are seeking orthodontic treatment than ever before, with adults seeing the biggest jump in statistics.

Pic1Making an appointment with your orthodontist can help you straighten your teeth, that much is true. But braces can positively affect your life in other ways as well.

Want proof?

Here are three orthodontist success stories that may have you booking an appointment with your orthodontist today.

Braces Help a Singer Find Her Voice Again

Did you know that shifting teeth can affect your voice?

Jazz singer and songwriter Sara Mitra discovered this fact when her teeth began to move during pregnancy as a result of swollen gums.

Mitra noticed that not only had her articulation changed, but her diction also sounded “muffled”. This was during the periods between her first and second albums, and she feared that her career might be over.

“My front upper teeth were beginning to overlap,” said Mitra. “The upper canine was turning inwards and my lower jaw was “cluttered”, with the right lower canine lunging outwards.”


It wasn’t long before Mitra discovered the difference in her singing, mostly due to her protruding canine cutting into her cheek.

The former Cambridge Choral scholar who lives in London was afraid of getting traditional braces. She didn’t want them to affect her appearance while on stage.

After a visit to her orthodontist, she found that she was a suitable candidate for Invisalign. With the help of the invisible braces, her teeth were gradually straightened over a period of 18 months.

These days, Mitra’s teeth are straighter, and her confidence in her appearance has soared. Her singing has also improved.

Despite her Invisalign treatments, however, she still had a persistent lower right canine. During her second pregnancy, she opted for traditional metal braces to fix that tooth, and wears fixed metal retainers hidden behind her front teeth, along with a removable retainer at night.

The moral of Mitra’s story is that she worked with her orthodontist to find the right solutions, and in the end found happiness with her now straighter smile and beautiful singing voice.

Metal Braces Help a Mommy Blogger Find Love

Michelle Brown was very self-conscious of her crooked bottom teeth when she was fitted for braces as an adult.

The mastermind behind knew that she needed an expanded palate to help her teeth fit together properly and to avoid dental problems later in life.

“In my rush to advance myself professionally, I didn’t consider the impact braces would have on my love life,” said the ambitious mom and blogger. “Let me tell you, being 26 with braces, all of the men went running for the hills when they noticed!”

Brown says that she couldn’t blame the men for avoiding her romantically, but she found a silver lining. If a man chose not to pursue her because of her choice to straighten her teeth, it just proved how superficial he was.


Good riddance.

But all hope was not lost. As they say, love comes to you when you least expect it.
One night, Brown was sitting in a restaurant with a friend when she began talking to an attractive man sitting next to her.

“He earned major points that he didn’t run away when he saw my gleaming metal mouth,” said Brown. “We talked all night long and he didn’t seem to care that I had braces!”

Two years later, Brown had her braces removed. Her career was taking off, and that handsome gentleman who was able to look past her braces to the person inside became her husband.

Brown wishes that her parents had taken her to an orthodontist when she was a young girl so that she didn’t have to get them when her career was peaking. But getting braces as an adult paved the way to finding Mr. Right, so she doesn’t regret a thing.

In fact, Brown urges other adults who may feel self-conscious about their appearances to do the same. “Trust me, it will be an amazing experience,” she said. “It definitely changed my life.”

A Braces Success Story of a Different Sort

Think braces are only for human mouths? You might want to reconsider when you hear the following story.

Dr. Jim More is a doggie dentist. In addition to providing root canals and oral surgery to his canine patients, the doctor also fits his pet patients with braces.

Dr. More’s most notable patient was a dog named Wesley. The poor pooch had such crooked teeth, he couldn’t close his mouth completely.

After fitting the dog with brackets on the top teeth, Wesley is now on his way to having a straighter smile, and a happier life.


These stories highlight some facts about orthodontics that go beyond the dread of having to wear braces for two years. Having a straight smile can improve your life and, most importantly, your self-confidence.

Imagine showing off your new movie star smile to the world, and having the confidence to find love (or advance at your career).

No matter how old you are or what position you hold in life, it’s never too late to get braces. Yours could be an unbelievable success story just like these.

To get started on your new life journey and to enjoy straighter teeth for life, schedule a consultation with Battistoni and Beam Orthodontics today.

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