Why Older Adults are Wearing Orthodontics–and Why They Should

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Oak Park, IL — Statistics available through the American Association of Orthodontists show that older adults getting braces and other orthodontics devices has risen dramatically over the past decade–by a whopping 40 percent. For many dental practices, about half of all their orthodontics patients are adults, with a bigger and bigger chunk of that number being people over 50. The oldest patients in some dental practices are in their 80s! This can strike people as surprising. After all, why get braces so late in life? There are many compelling reasons to get dental appliance treatment in advanced age. Here are the facts.

Age-Related Bone Loss Changes Tooth Placement

As people get older, they lose bone density throughout their bodies, This is why we have the bent over old lady stereotype. The bone in the spine deteriorates, leaving the spinal column much shorter and weaker. Similar things happen to the jawbone. As jaw bone tissue deteriorates, teeth often shift closer together, causing crowding. This can result in tooth decay, as crowded teeth are harder to clean. It can also cause pain in one’s jaw.

TMJ Problems in Seniors

A great deal of older patients come to us not because of cosmetic worries. They come because a lifetime of a slightly misaligned bite or even the shifting of their teeth with age has caused them to develop pain in their jaws. This leads to migraines and general discomfort. Braces and aligners can alleviate this persistent and invisible problem almost as soon as they are placed.

Even a Slight Malocclusion Over Time Causes Tooth Wear, Nerve Damage

Someone with what appear to be perfectly straight teeth can still have a problem with the way their top and bottom teeth fit–or do not fit–together. If there is a problem with an overbite or underbite, it can cause a great deal of tooth wear on one’s teeth, wearing the tissue down to the nerve and causing a progressively worsening pain. The eventual result is tooth loss. Simply opting for braces can correct this problem, even in advanced age, prolonging the time that a person can enjoy their natural teeth.

These are only a few of the major reasons older patients opt for orthodontic treatment. It is becoming increasingly acceptable to seek treatment no matter your age, as more older celebrities have taken the look from taboo to totally normal. If you are an older adult in Oak Park, IL wishing to turn your dental health around with professional orthodontic care, call Battistoni and Beam for a consultation today 1(708)848-5900.

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