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SureSmile provides 30% less treatment time on average than conventional braces.*

(*Results based on a comparison study of 1,849 patients following conventional treatment and 4,376 patients using SureSmile.)

With SureSmile technology, Dr. Battistoni and Dr. Beam can offer a patient experience unlike any other.

– Shorter Treatment: Braces used to be a long-term commitment. Not anymore. With SureSmile orthodontic treatment, you’ll get fantastic results in far less time.
– Fewer Visits: SureSmile’s custom archwire offers smoother movement for a more comfortable experience. You can quickly move to a normal oral hygiene routine, helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums at all times.
– Less Discomfort: Previous braces wearers might tell you that wire adjustments and changes were a pain to deal with. SureSmile is engineered to maximize each wire’s efficiency, which reduces the required number of adjustments. This lets you experience less discomfort throughout the course of treatment.
– Quality Results: SureSmile wires are custom-shaped by a robot, not by hand. This allows teeth to move directly into the desired positions, providing you with greater results with shorter treatment times.

This high-tech orthodontic process gives you a variety of benefits and makes the braces wearing experience much easier on you.

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