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Temporary Anchorage Devices, Non-Ligating Braces & Clear Braces

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TADs (Orthodontic Anchorage)

A Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) represent the latest in flexible and efficient biomechanics. TADs can enhance treatment capabilities and can even reduce treatment times, surgeries, and extractions.

Non-Ligating Braces

Non-ligating braces are comprised of brackets that do not require tying (or ligating) the archwire to the bracket with O-rings or wire ties. Non-ligating braces move more freely and with less friction along the wire, which usually results in less treatment time.

Ceramic (Clear) Braces

Ceramic or clear braces allow you to straighten your teeth in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. Ceramic braces perform similar to metal braces, except the brackets are see-through or tooth-colored, rather than metallic. This allows for a near-transparent orthodontic experience.

Indirect Bonding

This procedure involves a step-by-step process that lets doctors reduce the amount of chair time when bonding brackets to teeth. Indirect bonding is designed to greatly improve your patient experience, reducing your chair time and creating a much more comfortable experience.

To put it simply, indirect bonding allows for complete bonding in about 30 minutes versus the 60-90 minutes you would normally experience during a traditional bonding procedure.

Temporary Anchorage Devices, Non-Ligating Braces, and Clear Braces are all options available to you at Battistoni and Beam Orthodontics.

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