Our Technology

Our Technology

We are high-tech.

We have a computerized, virtually paperless office. All charts and patient information are available anywhere in the office, increasing efficiency. Your time is valuable, and our integrated GPS software helps us run on time.

We utilize Suresmile, a sophisticated technology that uses robot-generated archwires to move teeth more accurately and efficiently, reducing treatment time up to 30%.

We use iTero intraoral scanners to provide the most precise treatment plans. With the ability to create digital impressions, you have a more enjoyable experience and we have highly accurate representations of your teeth at our fingertips.

We offer AcceleDent, a simple to use device designed to speed up your orthodontic treatment. The gentle micropulses emitted from the device can speed up tooth movement by as much as 50 percent with daily use.

We use digital imaging. All radiographs (X-rays) are digital, offering better quality images than film with only a fraction of the radiation.

We offer the latest in treatment modalities—from Invisalign to the Damon System—along with a combined 35 years of experience to educate you and help you achieve the best results possible.

We offer 24/7 access to your account information. View treatment images, find out the time of your next appointment, and check your account ledger any time of day from the comfort of your own computer at www.awesomebraces.com.